Rebecca M., LPCC

My time at Cohesive Therapy was full of learning experiences in clinical, ethical, and administrative areas, all of which are very important when navigating the private practice space. We received training guiding us in furthering our understanding and deepening our relationships to our clients. Discussions often sounded like receiving feedback and expanding upon ideas on how we could better guide our clients on their healing journeys. Additionally, we learned the more administrative side of things such as what thorough documentation looks like, how to navigate money talk with clients, and scheduling your days with a structure that works best for your work style. I cannot recommend Cohesive Therapy enough when it comes to learning what it takes to succeed in a private practice setting!  

Rachel W., LCSW 

I worked for Karen at Cohesive Therapy NYC for two years, which was my first experience in private practice and as a therapist. Karen has been such a vital part of my clinical growth and learning, and helped me to build confidence in my skills as a therapist and in my clinical judgment. Karen’s guidance and support provided me with the skills and insight I needed to eventually start my own private practice, as her supervision, mentorship, and guidance were incredibly dynamic and multifaceted. Her training and consultation helped me learn the administrative, clinical, and ethical standards to feel confident in seeing clients independently. Karen taught me how to define and understand who my “ideal clients” are, engage clients in consultations to build a caseload, and was collaborative and supportive in discussing difficult cases and ethical dilemmas. 

As a new and nervous therapist, she was patient, reassuring, and encouraging as I developed my confidence and expertise in this very different type of clinical setting. On the more administrative side, Karen helped me learn how to respond to client outreach, supported me in writing marketing materials that spoke to my target population, taught me how to respectfully decline and refer out prospective clients who weren’t the right fit for me, and taught me how to set appropriate and non-conflictual boundaries. She provided me with helpful resources, both for my own learning and to use with clients, and supplied me with relevant readings and podcasts to enhance my clinical growth. 

I learned so much from Karen and highly recommend working with her, as it was the most beneficial part of my training and growth as a therapist thus far in my career. I owe so much of my current (and full!) private practice to her wisdom, experience, and insight.

Catherine H., LMSW

I very much appreciated the highly organized and thorough training that I received through Cohesive Therapy NYC. Onboarding can be stressful and the clear and detailed description of the training requirements helped relieve some of that stress. 

The required online training sessions were also very user-friendly and easy to follow. As a social worker acquiring experience and hours toward a clinical social work credential, I was particularly pleased with the depth of clinical tools and resources that were made available to me. These included tools for practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solutions-Focused Therapy as well as analyzing feelings and emotions, all of which I found to be extremely helpful. 

The books and online professional development further enhanced my knowledge and introduced me to Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN), chronic illness and other topics that were critical for the work with clients. The individual and group supervision meetings further reinforced what I was learning. 

Danielle D., LCSW

My time at Cohesive Therapy changed my perspective and how I wanted to practice as a clinical social worker in a private practice setting. For the first time in the field, I was encouraged to work with my ideal clients and learned how to integrate my years of experience with new skills I was learning with the training and resources that were provided from Cohesive Therapy.  

The curriculum and resources that were available to the team allowed for our work to be that much more valuable both to ourselves and the clients. I had the privilege of working closely with Karen in the role of the Lead Clinician and Clinical Supervisor learning the ropes of what it takes to be a supervisor, mentor, and teacher.  Karen’s support and guidance was immeasurable. 

Working with Karen in this capacity left a long-lasting imprint on how I wanted to run my business.  I launched my private practice feeling confident and in charge of being a business owner. I cannot recommend Karen’s expertise enough when it comes to understanding what it takes to run a private practice