So, How’s Therapy? Podcast

A podcast that demystifies, debunks, and destigmatizes what happens in the therapy space.

Hosted by Karen Conlon, LCSW, CCATP, Clinical Director of Cohesive Therapy NYC.


015: Real Talk about Gender Identity and Polyamory with Dr. Kieran Grosman

What sort of considerations should a person in the LGBTQIA+ community make when finding a therapist? Our gender identity and sexuality are intensely personal and nuanced facets of who we are as human beings, and finding a therapist who understands and accepts us for those…


007: Can Therapy Make You Worse? With Host Karen Conlon, LCSW

Therapy doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes it can feel really uncomfortable, difficult, or challenging. But you should never feel like therapy is retraumatizing, and you should certainly not feel like you are getting worse. In this episode, I’m covering all the ways that therapy might…


004: Managing Chronic Illness – What You Don’t Know Does Hurt Me with Host Karen Conlon, LCSW

Managing a chronic illness impacts every facet of life: from work to dating, to parenting, and everything in between. If you’ve dealt with chronic illness, especially an invisible illness, it can be hard to effectively communicate with those around you about your needs. If you…


003: What is Childhood Emotional Neglect and How it Impacts Your Adult Life with Host Karen Conlon, LCSW

Childhood Emotional Neglect happens when well-meaning parents don’t adequately tend to their children’s emotional needs, but it doesn’t mean they are bad parents. If you feel like you had well-meaning parents, but you struggle with feelings of shame, guilt, or emotional distance, you might have…


002: Please, Just Get Rid Of My Anxiety (NOT!) with Host Karen Conlon, LCSW

It’s easy to believe that life without anxiety would be easier, more peaceful, and overall better. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, anxiety is a necessary part of our lives and warns us when things can go wrong. It protects us…


001: Perfection Paralysis and the Big WHY with Host Karen Conlon, LCSW

Perfection paralysis tends to visit some of us more than others, but it’s probably something that we can all relate to. It’s that nagging feeling you have when you’re working on something productive, but you know you should be working on that task you’ve been…

About the So, How’s Therapy? Podcast

In each podcast episode, Karen and her guests work to push through the traditional therapy format to demystify, debunk, and destigmatize therapy.

Whether you’ve been in therapy for years, or are thinking about reaching out, Karen is here to guide you through it all.

She tackles everything from Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD, to Childhood Emotional Neglect, to dealing with Chronic Illness, and everything in between, through the lens of her group private practice in New York City. Cohesive Therapy NYC happily serves clients located in New York.

Past and Upcoming Guests

Rachel Kaplan LCSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Cohesive Therapy NYC

Rachel Kaplan, LCSW
CBT focused clinician at Cohesive Therapy NYC, specializing in palliative care and life transitions.

Danille DiCamillo LCSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Cohesive Therapy NYC

Danielle DiCamillo, LCSW
Mind/Body connection expert, trauma focused yoga instructor, CBT focused clinician at Cohesive Therapy NYC.

Kieran Grosman, Psy.D.
Doctor of Psychology and clinical therapist focusing on helping people within the LGBTQIA+ community in Brooklyn.

Claire Brandon, M.D.
Dual board certified psychiatrist in both adult psychiatry and consultation liaison psychiatry (treatment of psychiatric illness in medically ill adults).

Dr. Heather Stevenson
Expert on Men’s Therapy and Men’s Issues

Tamara Duker Freuman, MS, RD, CEN

New York-based dietitian whose clinical practice focuses on the dietary management of digestive and metabolic diseases

Tatyana Mestechkina, Ph.D.
Founder and Clinical Director of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Better Living. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with particular expertise and interest in using evidence-based treatment for obsessive compulsive spectrum and anxiety disorders.

Jelisha Gatling, LMFT
Narrative therapy expert, and founder of Let’s Unpack Therapy in NYC.