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Miriam Brand LMHC

Some of the most important markers of a successful therapy relationship are when you feel understood, listened to and at ease to express yourself freely.

We all go through life transitions, but sometimes, these can come with unexpected stressors and as a result, you may find yourself grappling with anxiety and depression. Whether that means adapting to a new “adulthood” role, exploring relationship dynamics or adjusting to living with a “new normal”, all of these transitions can impact your identity and sense of self. Together, we can explore and reevaluate these areas and help you find a path forward.

Perhaps you are dealing with a chronic illness and finding the support that you need has become challenging for a number of reasons. During our time together, we will work towards achieving a deeper understanding of the physical, mental and emotional challenges of navigating this often misunderstood world. Together, we can work towards alleviating some of the burden of living life with invisible illnesses and help you to learn coping skills that will remain accessible to you whenever you may need them.

We may also explore issues connected to the obvious and not-so-obvious childhood emotional trauma which now, as you live your adult life, impacts the different kinds of relationship dynamics that you are navigating. You will learn about the subtleties that show up in unhelpful ways. I invite you to join me on being curious about yourself and discovering ways to make changes that will positively impact your life.

Miriam discusses chronic illness

In our work together, you will learn how to recognize the connection between your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, as well as develop skills to manage situations and symptoms in more beneficial ways. Always led with a compassionate lens, I will challenge you to consider alternative perspectives and insight into the behaviors that are getting in the way of where you want to be.

I obtained my Masters in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University and enjoy co-hosting a podcast called “Pancreas Pals”, which explores the social and emotional impact of navigating the world with a chronic illness.

The time that we choose to spend in therapy gives us a safe physical space to take a breath, examine ourselves closer, and check in with someone who can help to make sense of any feelings or experiences we’re going through. I will always try my best to meet you where you are in your therapeutic journey and look forward to meeting you at the start line.

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